Neha Sehgal

Yamunanagar, Haryana

A mass communications lecturer at DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar in Haryana, Neha Sehgal has been interested in video production for some time now. She had learnt basic videography from FTII, Pune, as well as trained in promo production with the Hindi News Channel, Aaj Tak. She was informed about the WAVE project by the Family Planning Association in her town. This 23-year-old is a passionate advocate for women's rights, and believes that in Haryana, the main atrocities committed against women begin at birth itself, with female foeticide. The resultant inequality of the sex ratio, which leads to the treatment of women as livestock or possessions, is an unfortunate consequence of this cruel practice. Neha says that in Haryana, educating the girl child has to be fought for because in peoples minds, girls are meant for household work only, which dooms them to always be financially dependent on men. Eve-teasing is another social evil that Neha wants to bring attention to. She feels that it is not a victimless crime and unwelcome masculine attention subjects a woman to an unimaginable amount of sexual pressure. Neha believes eve-teasing deserves to be tackled actively and that its eradication will help women access public places fearlessly and will further gender equality in Haryana.

Affiliated With...

DAV College for Women
Established in 1958, DAV college for Women, Yamunanagar was awarded the title of of Best Women's College, Haryana in 2003. The college has a 3,000-strong student body and 250 faculty members. The college's philosophy is based on the teachings of the great sage Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a pioneer of female education in modern India. In an endeavour to keep up with the constantly changing needs of society, the administration at DAV College regularly add on job-oriented evening courses for housewives and working women as well as community service projects such as UDAAN, where 50 adolescent non-school going girls from 10 villages were given skill training for three months, thereby enabling them to earn their livelihood.
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